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April 13 , 2005

ECM and Rune go separate ways

ECM has ended its relationship with Rune Grammofon, the Norwegian experimental label it supported for five years and, indeed, put on the map in many territories. Rune discs will no longer be available through ECM distribution channels, including this web site. Now RG will make its way in the world with the aid of a distribution network whose details can be viewed at www.runegrammofon.com. We wish the company and its artists luck, fame and fortune in this new period, if that is not a misguided blessing for a label that issued an anthology entitled “Money Will Ruin Everything”. Those Rune artists who previously recorded, in diverse contexts, also for ECM, are likely to continue to do so. Arve Henriksen and Nils Økland, for instance are on Christian Wallumrød’s great new ECM album, “A Year From Easter”, and are currently touring with the Wallumrød Ensemble.