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Il MessaggeroIl Messaggero's critic was confident that an album would emerge from the proceedings: "Keith Jarrettrecords all his concerts, the very best of which become records - as was the casewith The Köln Concert, Paris Concert, Vienna Concert.... The La Scala concert must surely merit such documentation, for the pianist wasin tremendous form. This was Jarrett at his most convincing, his touch by turns concise,secure, carressing, the famous harmonies present in abundance, his control of colours and sounds absolute. The rolling, flowing, extended piano improvisations by nowembody a genre of their own, in which Jarrett can make music to touch every heart."

La Repubblica"It was more than the expected triumph. Keith Jarrett's performance was an explosionof contagious music-making with never a hint of doubt or reserve... And when themusic was over the celebration continued in all the meeting places that surroundthe city centre: the event had captured the imagination of the public in a way that eventhe opening of the season at La Scala had not done. Unquestionably, with the "alien"Jarrett, a visitor from another culture, La Scala had scored a success such as ithad not seen for quite some time...First and foremost because Jarrett is a pioneer of a "planetarymusic" without borders or taboos. As a total improvisor he has no equals in the boldnessof his transcultural imagination. His idiosyncratic piano improvisations are as aleatoric and unpredictable as they are mysterious...An evening which has alreadybecome history: Keith Jarrett at La Scala!"

L'Unitá"A triumphant achievement!"

L'Espresso"A superb jazz pianist conquers the establishment."

La Stampa"...exquisite passages and virtuosity destined to stun the public...the room explodedin ovations...a self-evident triumph."

Arena"The central part of the second improvised suite set off deep shiverings, palpablethroughout the hall, in response to passages of almost unbearable beauty. We werewitnesses to an astounding outpouring of invention, as miraculously luxuriant asMonet, Debussy, Nature herself, vibrant and fantastical."

L'Informazione"An extroardinaryevening in the true sense of the word. Before an immensely appreciative, heterogeneouspublic, Keith Jarrett realized a dream, triumphing at the prestigious Milanese theatrewith half an hour of applause and five encores."

Il Tempo"Keith Jarrett bewitches La Scala!"

La Nazione"Genius - pure and simple. Keith Jarrett, with his piano improvisations gave lifeand creative vigour to an evening which will remain vivid in the minds of those fortunateenough to be present. Jarrett has, literally, conquered La Scala - the numerous,heartfelt encores left no doubts."