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The fire and beauty of flamenco music is the subject of ‘Solo Guitarra’, the new album by José Luis Montón. As the title indicates, it features the Barcelona-born Mr. Montón alone with his guitar as he explores cantiñas, farruca, soleá, tango and other flamenco forms with emotion, fluidity and clear articulation. […] Mr. Montóns technique serves the music’s emotional subtext: There are no cold readings on ‚SoloGuitarra’, no displays of pyrotechnics without an underlining expression.
Jim Fusilli, The Wall Street Journal

José Luis Montón is a refined and mature player with an understated, unpretentious style, which reminds us of the intimate beauty that the solo flamenco guitar can offer.
Classical Guitar

Trotz der subtilen Abwechslung zwischen Stilen und spontanen Ideen präsentiert das Album einen einheitlichen Flow, der zeigt, wie eingängig, aber auch modern die klassische Musik Spaniens ist […] Wer es noch nicht kapiert hat: It’s passion, stupid!
Patrick Krause, Qvest

His interpretation of Bach’s Air from his Orchestral Suite No. 3 is especially revealing for the way he gives the well-known tune a complete reworking as a Spanish folksong, with gorgeous flourishes and flamenco decorations. All the other tunes are original Monón compositions, but the guitar language is very familiar, albeit with fresh twists. It’s also a beautifully programmed album, moving from slow reflection to sprightlier celebration and back again.
Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast