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Strønen is variously stealthy and industrial, but always intently musical and Ballamy majestically unhurried as scenes unfold and melodic ideas develop to the sometimes yearning strains and occasionally considered crunch of Fennesz and Aarset’s guitars. Sontakke’s arrival is a masterstroke, his vocal bringing an achingly intense, gripping quality to Chantarelle and his guitar lending a stinging emotional counterpoint on the gorgeously minimalistic title track.
Rob Adams, Sunday Herald

Here, Ballamy’s sweet toned, pure soprano and keening tenor, rising above the extraordinary textures and rhythms provided by Strønen’s drums and electronica, are joined variously by the guitars and electronics of Christian Fennesz and Eivind Aarset, the vocals and slide guitar of Prakash Sontakke and the piercing trumpet of Nils Petter Molvær. The resulting album is simply ravishing: subtle, delicate, but always intense, even passionate, each track both instantly recognisable as a ‘Food’ product, but also crucially influenced by the musical sensibility of each individual guest.
Chris Parker, London Jazz

Die Energieströme von Musikern diverser Genres zu bündeln gehört zum Konzept von Food. [...] Durch drei unterschiedliche angierende Gitarristen - das Spektrum zieht sich von rhythmischem rauschen über düstere Sound-Collagen bis hin zu indischer Musik – werden neue Klangregionen vermessen. Eine fantastische Exkursion, an der sich in ‚Moonpie’ auch der Trompeter Nils Petter Molvaer beteiligt.
Gerd Filtgen, Fono Forum