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Der britische Saxofonist Andy Sheppard bläst mit sonorer Dringlichkeit, Eivind Aarset durchquert die Eisvogel-Weiten eines Terje Rypdal und die deutsche Cellistin Anja Lechner sorgt für poetische Kontrapunkte. Mit dem Bassisten Arild Andersen und der Perkussionistin Marilyn Mazur, die von kleinteiliger Geräusch-Artistik bis zum massiven Donner die ganze Bandbreite beherrscht, hat Bjørnstad zudem ein exquisites Rhythmus-Tandem gewonnen. […] Bjørnstad entwirft beeindruckende Klangwelten zwischen kammermusikalischer Intimität und turbulenter Power, von denen man kaum genug bekommen kann.
Rolf Thomas, Jazzthing

Bjørnstad has published poetry, as well as fiction and non-fiction, and in ‘La notte’ he has combined a writer’s awareness of the importance of structure with a musician’s sense of the subtly emotive power of melody and the almost subliminal effect of underlying rhythm. To realise his conception, he has assembled something of a dream sextet: alongside his deceptively simple piano, bassist Arild Andersen brings over 40 years’ ECM experience to the band, and with another label stalwart, Marilyn Mazur, providing the most delicately imaginative but propulsive percussion and cellist Anja Lechner bringing sonorous elegance to the ensemble sound and a plaintive clarity to her solo contributions, Bjørnstad has created a richly accommodating setting for his two main soloists, guitarist/electronics operatorEivind Aarset and tenor/soprano saxophonist Andy Sheppard. Both provide powerful, personal but carefully tailored solos where required, Aarset’s multi-textured guitar soaring, Sheppard’s saxophones bustling, blustering and roaring over the music’s more turbulent moments, but they and their fellow musicians are also sensitive enough, when negotiating Bjørnstad’s more restrained, graceful moments, to ensure that the truth of his statement ‘visual art creates music in our minds, and music creates pictures and visual expressions with the same intensity’ is borne out throughout this consistently affecting, sometimes downright mesmerising, live performance.
Chris Parker, London Jazz