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Bestenliste 1, 2014
Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik

A deliberate attempt to to take the listener on a musical voyage of discovery and aid to them a concert of the performance from July 2011 has been included in DVD format with stunning images of the local scenery. Overseeing matters musically is Marc Sinan whose own ancestral roots lie with his grandparents who resided on the Black Sea coast, near to the Armenian border. What truly comes across in the film is the extent to which eastern roots instrumentation has been expertly woven into a cohesive whole with the textures of a symphonic orchestra of western classical and east meets west in a a heady fusion. [...] On occasion the instrumental accompaniment becomes minimalist as on Painting Four with the traditional wailing voice of Sener Götz. Conductor Jonathan Stockhammer does a fine job of ensuring the orchestra embellishes the existing roots rhythms rather than ovepowering them.
Tim Stenhouse, UK Vibe