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Schiff’s research and concert experience have paid large bonuses in the last two CDs of the series, which cover the experimental sonatas opp.90, 101 and 106 and the last three sonatas, opp.109-111. Opp.90 and 101 combine crisp drama with a huge range of fluctuating intensities, explosive contrasts and sudden accentuations. Yet Schiff introduces a tantalising note of intimacy, innigkeit and subjectivity even in a polyphonic fabric, as in the central fugato of the second movement of op.101, which reflects on existence before retrieving its initial martial spikiness. In the finale, Schiff infuses a sense of wonder through a merging of the playful dance with dramatic depth. …
It is Schiff’s artistic individuality that makes these recordings unique and comparable to the greatest Beethoven cycles, offering a vision for the future through his research into the past. Schiff takes us with him on his journey that, however many times repeated, brings us to the music refreshed and renewed.
Malcolm Miller, International Piano

The final two instalments of András Schiff’s Beethoven cycle easily maintain the high standards of the preceding releases, completing what is perhaps the most distinguished and certainly the most thoughtful survey of the 32 sonatas since Richard Goode’s set in the early 1990s. By any standards, these are immaculately played accounts of hugely demanding works. Even in the hairiest passages of the Hammerklavier Sonata Op 106, Schiff’s poise never deserts him, while the textural clarity, especially of the inner lines, is always a delight.
Andrew Clements, The Guardian

Schiff lässt einen nicht fertig werden mit dieser Musik, vielleicht liegt gerade darin eine der großen Stärken seiner Einspielung. Zu erleben ist eine faszinierende intellektuelle Durchdringung dieser Musik – mehr ist von einem Einzelnen kaum zu leisten – aber auch die großartige Umsetzung der gewonnenen Einsichten… Zu erleben ist das klingende Resultat einer langen, passionierten Beschäftigung mit diesen Sonaten, der messerscharfen Analyse, des intensiven Blicks auf und in intellektuelle Sprödigkeit. Die Analyse bleibt Folie im Hintergrund, vor der Schiff mit unglaublich nuancierter Anschlagskultur einen tief emotionalen Kosmos öffnet.
Oswald Beaujean, BR 4 Klassik